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Importing GFRG Panels

Rapid Homes is serving their consumer's using imported panels from outside India with same quality and Price.


Panel manufacture is not available in all over India. To overcome costumer's requirement and also help other construction company to get imported panel to make sure GFRG panel availability seamless for costumer's. 

It is very essential that our engineering and architectural consultants, the client have preliminary discussions to ensure the building is designed for Panel structure


Efficiency in design, construction and cost savings are maximised by early assessment in the preconstruction planning stage of Rapid Homes.

Structural / Architectural planning is very important for Rapid homes panel based buildings because using the Architectural layout drawings the erection crew marks out the wall positions in reference to these grid lines.


Holes are drilled in the concrete foundation, starter bars inserted and waterproof membrane applied. 


Based on construction drawings of Rapid Homes, the slab contractor should lay the floor slab to the exact dimensions and ensure the slab is level and has the correct rebates.

Checking the accuracy of the slab and rebate a few days prior to installation so that we avoid any level inaccuracies in the level of the slab and prevent compressive contact between the bottom of the panel and the damp course.

Panels will always be installed from the highest point and the lower points packed with appropriate packing material.

Panels must always be installed in an absolutely horizontal plane.

Should any major tolerance problems be evident, the slab contractor should be notified and rectification undertaken.




Rapid Homes is a panel based construction company servicing in construction industry since 2015.

Rapid Homes are specialized in new construction for the residential and commercial using GFRG panels.

We are emerging unique constructors and Interior designers, focusing on customer satisfaction and driven values from customers.

GFRG panels are primarily composed of two raw materials: high density alpha-based gypsum and glass fiber reinforcement. The gypsum plaster should be neutral or of low alkalinity to ensure its compatibility with "E" glass fibers. Additives commonly used within the plaster industry are acceptable provided they are used in accordance with the gypsum manufacturer's recommendations.

This panel is a very versatile Eco-friendly Building material.

The panels are made of calcined gypsum plaster, combined with special additives and glass fibers, to produce GFRG panels - 12m long, 3m high and 124mm thick (with hollow cavities). 

The panels are prefabricated and cut to desired sizes based on room dimensions with openings for doors and windows, thus making rapid construction possible.


A panel has two skins of 15 mm thickness that are interconnected at regular intervals (250 mm) with 20 mm thick ribs.


The cavities formed by these interconnections can be used for several purposes - filling with concrete, and laying electrical conduits and plumbing pipes.


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End to End

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